Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My 1st Design. My Cutting Mat and Ruler Bag.

I designed the pattern and did the quilting and added interfacing and the liner matches the in-the hoop portfolio I made in a class awhile back. 
I am very proud and excited about my new bag. I am taking some classes and going to some open sews now. I needed something to carry my 24" Rulers and Cutting Mat for protection.  Plus its a great easy bag to carry with the machine and everything else at the same time.

Since I posted this I am flattered away! I have had a lot of people asking for my pattern and I do not have one I just  made it on my own playing around in the sewing room.

1 yard outside fabric 

1 yard inside lining fabric. 
1 yard batting 
I sandwich the 3 layers placed my ruler and mat on top of folded sandwich to decided what size I wanted.
 trimmed to desired fit. 
Quilted the Sandwich / than added binding to the top folded raw edges
measured handles to fit around my sewing machine bag handle added them 
Sewed sides together and my bag was born. 
I used the fold for the bottom seam I feel it makes it stronger with no sewn seem to rip open. 
This will make the patterned fabric upside down on one side when you are finished. 
My thought is only one side shows when I walk with it. I keep the correct side out the upside down side to my body or machine bag handles. 

Your choice on what you like. Thanks

A 2nd Pillow With A Big Goof Oppps!

Here is another pillow I did and I never noticed until I was all finished I forgot to pin block seams in place and sewed them backwards. Since it is all together and going to my great mom it will work ok.
Moms love everything and don't ever notice the flaws.

I will always carry the lessons learned and triple check everything .

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I have always loved mail art and swapping and trading creative anything. Now its time to join the love and passion of sewing with the love of mail art trading.  I am so excited and looking forward to this. I have already mailed out a couple of Fat Quarters. To get myself on the list.  

1/22/13 OK Got The Patterns Now I am Going to work on fabrics and getting ready for the fun of creation. 

Mug Rug Swap From Quiltinggallery.com

My First Quilted Pillow Cover.

I took a class and the pattern is from the book in the photo. I am very pleased even though it came out a bit wonky due to my own fault of having the needle defaulted to the left and my seem allowance was off.  I am very excited and learned a lot to be added to quilting working. I would say this was a very worth wild class.

The information in this book is also very detailed and geared along the lines of Modern quilting. I believe this is one of the nicest books I have to date in my sewing collection. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another Quilt Batiks Are My Favorites

Here is my latest UFO to be finished and I thought by posting it here I would be committed to finishing it. This is a quilt for a friend that Crocheted me a wonderful afghan for my bed.  I am looking forward to this completed.

Still Playing With Embroidery and Urbanthreads

This is one of many hoodies I like to add to and play with. The top design is free from Urbanthreads.com  and say.

Its truly fitting for this and goes well with my own lettering as well the purchased Urbanthreads.com butterfly design.  Lots to learn and I am not afraid to try and keep practicing.