Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sleepless 3:30 AM Before Work Sewing & Embroidery

Long little story to a small fast project I made.

Yesterday at work it was a really rough day. I am so not myself and I am really out of balance feeling not very grounded. I am  just trying to get through each day with nothing twisting my  day to something irrationally out of control for no reason.  Well lets see I lost my water bottle and I had been in about 5 or 6 different offices no way was I doing the back track so I left it for gone. The issue was I forgot money ( I seem to forget lots in the recovery process ) and could not get another  water. This is small tiny thing in the day that was half over of me. Minus I am not myself and this sucked and really almost through me over the edge.  Went to check something back in a place I already did a job and how great a COOL GREAT CO WORKERS had my water bottle and I was saved and felt so much better....  SMILES..  

So I made this little Fob water bottle holder and added my name so I won't get separated again from my water bottle at work. 

Not Sleeping much at all. and 3:30 AM does not make me the must with it detailed person. So I had this hoodie from work and I some UT designs ready to go so here we go. 

I am not impressed with how this turned out I did somethings different stabilizing ana I am  just not happy with results and it landed very off center sideways off a bit kinda fits how I feel..... hahahaha

Finally The Design Room Is Starting To Take Form.

Please bare with me and enjoy The sewing / quilting that is my only safe place for now. I ask that you all just enjoy and bar with me as the posts will be coming and be very often and have lots of fun stuff to offer. However they may seem out of order and not in any 1 direction. My surgery has me in full blown wild insane surgical menopause. My thoughts and attention is way out of wack. My sleeping is so strange there are times a rotary cutters becomes way to much of a danger to use.  Also I am emotionally just an irrationally non understandably stranger to my own self.  OK ENOUGH OF THAT BABBLE>>>>>

Its been a long time coming looking back at the old posts when I began the new sewing room I left the design stuff in the original room and this will make a lot of extra room for some great art working quilt things to come down the line. 

Here is the start as I found My 5' x 4' Table Ironing Board

My Cutting area Works largely on the ironing table however its all organized for the detailed stuff over here. 

The soon up and coming serger area that will have some quilting on the one going on and some silly fun clothing reconstructions on the other one. 

As you all can see still need the cleaning part to take place however that takes massive amounts of will power and just do it energy that is not happening right now......  I am excited that bit by bit its coming a long and working out almost better than I thought as I feel the flow of it now.....  The sewing room is ion the other room only a few feet away. this set up should be working out wonderfully. I think its harder to figure out how to be so creative with the lack of space when we all seem to have 100 lbs of stash and tools jammed into an area that fits maybe 10 lbs of all that...... SMILES