Monday, June 10, 2013

UFO Finishing, First Sew In, Free Range Chicken Fun.

Ok the pressure is on and I need to take the plunge here.  The Ducks are finally basted and I will be finishing them up before this Saturday. This may seem like a straight forward easy job to finish. The issue is that this is my grandest quilt and I am feeling a bit leery of touching it in fear of  messing it. I know just do it. that is the plan.  Its basted and I have the machine all set up and I have no excuses now I just need to do it!.

On Saturday I did some work in the house and finally got the couch out that was really just something I did not care for any more. In light of that I through up an 8 ft table and a few machines and had a couple friends come over and we had a blast for our first sew in at the house. there was plenty of room and Sherry joined us with her crocheting. Creativeness and good chatting away was a wonderful time I plan to repeat as often as time allows. 

Than I took a break inside and went out to clean up a bunch in the yard and fire pit too. Since I was out almost all day I let the girls out to free range and play and get into everything they could find. they had a blast and loved it.  It was fun to watch them chase each other around when one got a great bug prize. They will not be out free much only if we all are out there its just too dangerous with all the hawks and other predators around us.