Monday, February 25, 2013

Blasdell,NY Viking Sewing; Charity Day. Hats for Roswell Cancer Patients

Saturday was a great fun day. Ok it was really a blast.  Rochelle and Roz rocked out the day dealing and supporting with us crazy wild sewing people. Yes they sure have adopted us. Poor them to be stuck with us and all our excitement and all the questions and wild enthusiasm that goes a long with us both as individuals and than as a group. WOW they have their hands full with us. SMILES!  We are more than Lucky to have them as a part of our sewing  family. They made the day work and added a great amount of fun  and  learning to the process. Guess we all are the Lucky ones to have them for sure.!

We manged to crank out some different hats a lot of different patterns to work from and a the group as a whole did a good fair amount too.   SMILES!

I would love to some things like this in the future. Funny now my head is spinning with some free form new hat ideas. I am not sure how much I really like to sew 4 layers of really think fleece with my serger however I took the challenge and did not back down made some very funky in my style fun bright hats.

For the event I added some of my own fun and gave my hair a makeover just for fun and to add to some good bright energy for a good cause. Pic posted below.  I encourage you all if this comes up in your area to jump in and have a great time.

Do not ask I have no clue whats up with me and all my crazy facial expressions lately. I was in shock I had my eyes still working good without my safety glasses on for this project. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

After a Few Attempts & Some Seam Ripping THE MUG RUGS

I have not been sewing that long and I am really a newbie at it all. This said I have the addiction like the pros and I am more than willing to try anything new and learn everything I can. I joined the Mug Rug swap.

I have not ever done Applique nor worked with such small pieces. This was probably the hardest still fun though sewing item I have done yet. I am excited with all I learned and I also messed up my iron badly with some excess steam a seam 2. Learned to not leave any over the edges. This was learning and it was very fun to watch it all come together piece by piece.  I will be looking for more applique in the future. 

These are made and packaged and sent off to my secret partner as of today! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Baby Quilt I Did Awhile Back With Baby

A very beautiful old time friend asked me to my honor to make her new coming son a baby quilt since I had just started quilting. I believe if memory serves correctly this is my 3rd finished quilt. I was late and baby Conner arrived a couple weeks before I had it finished and mailed out to Hawaii. As you all can see in the photo it was received and much enjoyed. This is also my own design and I had fun making it come to life.

This was a great honor for me to do and even be asked to do for such a beautiful loving friend. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sewing Room and Some More To Share.

Not As Productive As I Had Hope For The Weekend.
Well everything and anything odd has went on to keep me out and about and not sewing away in peace here at home.

I did get the sewing room at least up and running and able to sew in. Here as promised is not the best pic however a pic of the new set up. I am hoping I like it and it flows nicely.

I did get a bit of the Mug Rugs worked on and I will throw in a sneak peak.  I am finding this is a bit more involved working with such small detailed pieces. I even resorted to using a pin or two. (I am not a big pinner dont really like pins! LOL) 

 A call to get an old lady out of a ditch from Sherry. This was too much for me to handle and we called the tow truck and it took an hr or so. 

So there it is and a few other things went on like my mom needed a news paper since she did not receive one from the paper people today so I went out to get her one and that led to shared lunch with and no time with mom is ever wasted time. Time with mom is always a blessing I am gratefully blessed to share with her. 

A friend stopped over and than that turned into no more sewing and turn everything off and now I am here with you all. Life works out the way it should and I am gratefully blessed with all the beauty that is around me weather I am sewing or not sewing. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Just Touching Base I Am Redoing My Sewing Room

TGIF No pictures today. I just wanted to come in and touch base and let everyone know that I am redoing my sewing room for the hundredth time. I am hoping that this will be it for now until I get the other room ready for the whole sewing room. to have its own place.  I will have some pictures coming this weekend! I am so looking forward to the Weekend and just time to chill  organize some of the room and just sew away some projects!!!!!

I hope to look like this all weekend long!!!!!!!!