Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sorry For My Mix Mp In Comments. & A New Guild To Me.

Sorry for missed non replied comments

I seem to of been extremely ignorant in how the comments work and I will try and catch up on my mistake. If I have this figured out now some comments are replied through email and those are the ones I have missed and others are replied to under the posts here in my blog. I will be careful to try and not that and reply back via email when they are not here under the post. I thought I was going crazy.  I just figured this out on my own today so please give me some time to catch up and Please keep comments coming.

I believe I am going to join a Guild

Thanks to my Rocking friend Nadine I just went to her guild meeting last night with my sewing partner in crime; we had a great time met some great people too. the show and tell was super great and listening to some of the up coming plans they have coming to. I will be updating on this as it evolves.  Lots of great fun. Here is a link of an old newspaper article I found that has the guild info in it.  

I am always in need of posting a pic 

Here is some silly thread art play for a little bit as I still get use to the new long arm and my partner in crime has played some to. Its amazing how fast one looses time so fast driving around the machine in fun play.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Duck Top Finished & Some Crazy Long Arm Driving

I am excited there are some mistakes this was a bit harder than I thought to try and line up all the rows. I did some seam ripping and all however I am proud and THANKS TO URBAN THREADS for the great ducks  that I embroidered for this quilt top to be born.  Now to think about the next steps in making it happen into a finished quilt for my friend.

On another note here is some of my practice on my new long arm  setup. As you can see from the pics it will surely be awhile before I put a quilt top on to finish. However I am having a blast practicing and playing. I have about 26 yards and lots of different threads to play with so I am all happy. 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Ducks Are Progressing & Sharing My 2nd Passion When Not Sewing

It is really getting close to that time of year when the weather breaks into nice warmer sun filled days and that's when my focus begins to really change into my 2nd passion.  I love Riding Motorcycles. Dirtbikes being my first love however after donating my kidney a few years ago I gave that up and now I just ride street bikes.  I took sometime to get out for a brief moment and catch some weather I really need to get her into the shop and all ran through to get ready for a great beautiful season of riding many miles into the sun and under the stars this summer.

Me & My Favorite Bike 

After some ride time it was back to work on the Ducks. SMILES!  I am not using a pattern and just doing my thing after I stitched out all the ducks from Urban Threads I am  learning as I go and seam ripping and redoing to get my blocks to line up as good as they will and here is the progression of them thus far. I am pleased and excited for more to come. 

Monday, April 15, 2013


The sun came out and the ducks where all finished after about 25 hrs of machine stitching. 

I packed up my ducks a sheet and grabbed my top rate partner in crime shown in the below photo
and we set up for crafting out in the sun at the lake. Smiles How fun is it sun  and quilting together, Cat also worked on a new afghan too. 
Here I am  getting the perfect Fussy cut fit for the ducks. 
This is just beginning  now the ducks are finished and they are cut and ready to have some sashing added to each block and than put all together. I must say I am getting excited watching it transform .

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quilting Gifts Received In Mail & a New Quilt Started.

What a great awesomeness to add to any day to find something sewing/quilting related in the mail awaiting my arrival home after a long day. I received my wonderful beautiful Mug Rugs with some great extra goodies too;  from my swap partner last night. Here they are.

I also did some shopping at and got the coolest rubber duck files 21 in all I think I will do 18 to 20 of them for a baby quilt I will be slowly carefully working on to get it just perfect for my buddy that will soon have his 1st baby sometime late summer.  The first Duck took me 2.5 plus hrs to stitch out and 32,988 stitches total. 

I will keep this updated as I get more done here and there. I am so excited about this soon be rocking quilt. I was agonizing over the pattern ideas and what to do. A special thanks to Roz and Rochelle for all the help to make sure I had the knowledge to not screw this up! SMILES!

Monday, April 8, 2013

I Am Here All Is Well. Here Is Some Highlights Of Some Of the Good Stuff.

Sorry it has been so long to post things have been insanely busy with this that and the in-between. All is well and there have been some amazing great things in my sewing world although not much sewing.  Let me share some of it with you here.

Long over due is telling you all about the last weeks where I went to the Quilt Show in Ohio that was amazing! Also they sent me the pics of how the community days went while we where gone and the bears we made ahead of time now have a lots of friends. Nothing feels better than making a difference with the help of my fav people Roz and Rochelle at Blasdell Viking Sewing Gallery...   

This shows a Business that cares and that is where I like to spend my money.

The big grand thing is I scored a deal on an imperial grace frame @ EdenSewingCenter I am almost ready to begin to play with it after a lot of craziness to get it together. All I am in need of is some Tracks as the ones with it where 5’ and I have it set up for 10’.  I am Very Excited. Oh yes also might have a deal on a machine coming too. Fingers Crossed it all happens sooner than I think.

My awesome great sewing friend Nadine alerted me to a longarrm class that was @ CreeksideFabrics Saturday  presented by Wenda Coburn. (I highly recommend her if she is in your area) 
What a great time we had and how cool it was to enjoy hanging out and talking quilting all day. 

I also have just been playing around with this and that here in the sewing room.  I will update the many more going on's to come this week. There is some other really great things happening in my sewing world. I can not wait to share with you.