Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Some Fun Crazy Quilting

I scored about 5 yards of each of these prints in the block so I decided to play with some different fun different quilting....  Here is some intentionally Planned out Craziness!

Wondering if I can get away with some demin jeans for sashing??

Monday, March 31, 2014

A Great Weekend! Fun Doll! New Friends!

When You Mix a Couple of Americans with a Bunch of Great Canadians 


Here you find all of us at

The Dolls Made By The Wild Class 

This is mine she is just delightfully crazy 

This is her chilling at the house after class with the Mug Rug 

from the class we took in the morning.

Here is Cat's Wonderful Cool Doll and her Mug Rug  

 Both mine and Cats love hanging together getting into Mischief! 

Also the Candian group stayed and had a wonderful retreat at The Turtle Rock Retreat

Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day Urban Threads Shamrock Shirts.

St Patrick's day is a bit special for my mom and she really gets into it.  So I made her a special shirt with this awesome great shamrock design from

My friend came over and loved the design for my mom so much she brought a shirt over and we added the same cool design on it. 

Play Time Sewing Therapy Weekend Chilling Moments.

A Tree Kit & Pattern I picked up at a quilt show sometime last year.
 Had a fun Time Enjoyed this. 

I have  a lot silly scraps from mending cloths , making quilts, and just random extra scraps. I also have a million extra semi filled bobbins that I do not want to waste. I use them all up along with some extra foundation fabric and make these. Someday they will all be added up into a large quilt for up and at or somewhere. 

 Just playing and tweaking out an urban threads design.  

Such a cute little thing 

Just Wing It Ipad Cover For Fun and Protection

Just playing I came up with this trifold layout.

 Making great Customizing use of a fat quarter from the stash! 

Here is the contrast of the inside and outside. Just like myself very derisive! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Hoodie Embroidery & Quilting A Long Over Due Top

Close to almost 50,000 bullet proof stitches in this great new hoodie. 

I have to say I love it and have impressed myself. 

In Between all the color changes I worked on another machine and quilted this way over due about time top soon to be added to the fished list and than will reside on my couch. This will be the first quilt that stays in my home. SMILES


Moms Birthday Gifts & Long Arm Loaded.

My mom Loves me swing adn loves to ask for things so here is a few things she asked for done and gifted on her Birthday

I am so happy and thrilled that My long arm has a nicer home I have loaded it adn now looking forward to playing with this new quilt top for the first time to be used in the studio.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Long Arm Moved Into The Shop & More

Long Arm has been put back together and leveled in the new sewing room 

My 2 passion side by side! 

This is the start of the transformation and added the carpet plastic to the garage door for a bit more insulation too.  

The after came out very nicely and warms the place up nicely. 

The Coop ( named by the Awesome Brenda )  Just need this small pile all cleaned and organized and than it will be Perfectly set to juts create and create Dream and Inspire!

A New Jacket & Fun Zipper Bag

I Love Love So Love doing up new fun Denim Jackets to wear out and about. I must say even with opps catch near the Dream part I Love this Jacket The most and I really impressed myself with this one. 

Just for Fun I was playing around and Made this neat zipper bag.

Just Some Fun Gift Things To Catch Up The Blog

Sherry took up Swimming Aerobics so I made her a matching terry cloth towel and bathmat. I love using my serger!

I added her personal letters to both too. 

My rocking friend and neighbor Loved something I was working on so I made her shirt in her favorite blue color! 

Not Sewing Crafty Solution though A yarg bag out of stuff around for Sherry

A Vacation With My Feather Weight! Quilt Addiction!

Here is a few pics of my set up at the hotel we stayed in.

ME! Enjoying Some sewing after a swim in the hotel pool and a moment in the hot tub. 

Love this Down Time  Nice Set Up

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Little Catch Up On Some More Things Completed.

I wanted to add a Chakra Banner Wall Hanging To My Meditation Room 

My Mom Loves These Sweat Shirts 

Yet Another Sweat Shirt

Monday, January 27, 2014

Fun Different Umbrella All Made On The Serger

Here is the Great Pattern 

All Pieces Cut Out and Hemmed Ready To Be Pieced

Rock On Completed Monster Umbrella 

 Rock On A 2nd Finish Downton Abbey Fabric Line

 Showing Off Some Styling Umbrella Fashion 

Rock On! Long Over Due Quilt Finish!

Here is the great finish.  

The start of the binding 

 I needed to control the binding so I wrapped the water bottle. 

 I do not recommend not using a walking foot. I just forgot to switch 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Few Gifts Made & More To Come In This Style Later

This is a small wall hanging that I did as a gift exchange for a Yule celebration I had the amazing blessed honor to be invited to. 

 This the in the making stage and I would like to thank Brenda as I used her style that I saw with a project Lisa was working on another time.  

Here is the finished product.  It turned out ok and now I would like to do more in this style and improve a few things. 

A great fun time with new material and new ideas. Letting the Project morph into what it needs or wants to become. 

Started making this with every intention and vision that is was going to be a small draw string bag/ pouch and than it morphed itself into 

Here is the finished product that it became.
Either way it was made and filled with lots of open warm love.