Friday, May 10, 2013

Mothers Day Sewing and A Few Chickens

I managed to get in some sewing time during this busy week with new things going on around the house. I am making up a small wall hanging for my mom for mothers day. I really am enjoying this applique thing lots lately  nothing recycled in this project but I am still working on all that too.

Well as always with my silliness I got this idea that a couple chickens would be fun to have and we could enjoy  some farm fresh eggs too.  So I went to look at a small chicken coop for sale and than we got to talking and he also sold me 3 Hens so wow in like a few hrs flat a became a chicken farmer LOL ok well at least an owner of 3 laying hens.  Here is my new Girls so far 2 have names Hildigar and Zelda the 3rd is still waiting for her name. Day 3 we figured out how to tell them all apart too.

Since we have a lot of red tail hawks over head along with many other predators I  built this  up fast so they be out and safe while we are around.  Below I will so my small coop they seem to love too. I am working on building them a mobile chicken coop or Chicken tractor for them to enjoy and it will be secure enough to have them be able to enjoy the outside safely and securely all day.  For right now this is my set up. 

I would love for them to be totally free range however I am guessing that I would not have my fun hens for very long with all the hawks,  fox, coyotes, coons, and many others roaming around that would just just to eat up my hens.