Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Few Gifts Made & More To Come In This Style Later

This is a small wall hanging that I did as a gift exchange for a Yule celebration I had the amazing blessed honor to be invited to. 

 This the in the making stage and I would like to thank Brenda as I used her style that I saw with a project Lisa was working on another time.  

Here is the finished product.  It turned out ok and now I would like to do more in this style and improve a few things. 

A great fun time with new material and new ideas. Letting the Project morph into what it needs or wants to become. 

Started making this with every intention and vision that is was going to be a small draw string bag/ pouch and than it morphed itself into 

Here is the finished product that it became.
Either way it was made and filled with lots of open warm love.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Lets Catch Up Some More

I am trying to catch you all up on stuff I have been finishing or making away. This is a mix of stuff to get caught up and than the posts hopefully will get back to more regular. Do not forget to look at the past posts too as there is a lot more catch up postings added. 

This is a Smock for a friends daughter that she likes

These are a couple Poker Pillows made from left over material I got my neighbor that she is making a tie blanket to gift to her son.

OH WOW! This quilt is finally off the long arm and finished. 
Any bets on how long until I bind it.???

A fun Great Score I got at a thrift store! 

Here is my first stab at Free standing lace 
I made a bunch of these and have been sharing them all over. 

I Hung up the quilt I got from Shane. I love it. 

Here Is Some Catch up Posting What I have Been Up To.

Sorry I have been silly crazy insane lately. However I have been sewing away and I will make this post more a catch up filled with a few highlight photos of what I have been doing. 

The newly organized cutting table area
      A New Tee Shirt For Me

A sweet shirt made to order 

 The crew over having a great time sewing & creating

This Shirt I made for the new in- house sewing machine repair worker. 

Sherry Wearing her great shirt and yes she repaired and got running this great machine.