Monday, October 28, 2013

My Nice New Scarf That Got Sadly Eaten Up

The winter months are coming and I thought this would be a great thing to make up and than sadness strikes.

1.I am very excited as I see my new in the making scarf come to light and look so good. 

2. As this was going along I was sitting beside it working on the Binding for my jungle quilt. When I heard the sound not a good smooth embroidering along sound. 

3. What a mess and what sadness as I was so excited how good this was turning out. This knocked the wind out of sail for the evening so I called it for the night and decided sleep and than after my work day clean up all the mess and start over again. 

The Jungle Quilt Is Now All Appliqued & Quilted

My First Self Designed Baby Quilt
Just Needs the Binding Done Now.

I have really had a lot of fun with the quilt.  My friend Barb came over and had a night of stitching and happy bitching sewing friend fun. This is what I conjured up that evening.   I just grabbed up a small jelly roll sitting on a shelf and a new pattern was born.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The New Jungle Baby Quilt Coming

I really need to get moving a long it seems I am just all UFO's / WIP's lately...  Well Here is the newest one to share with you all. I hope to have this finished for a donation run really soon. 

As I started to sew this group of fabric together I was so not sure how I would like it. I was thinking no way this is going to be a muddy mess. 

However as it came all together I started feeling a jungle theme and baby quilt in the making. 

So off to the store I went yesterday and I grabbed up some giraffe print fabric. I also took this picture and got it enlarged to about 24 by 28 I think and will make this into an applique for the middle. 

I am thinking this is going to be just fun. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Talk About Some Happy Fun! I Got A Quilt From Shane!

Shane is one of my hero awesome quilters I look up too. 
I really i am so very excited I do not have a lot of words however I do have a picture of my happiness and the quilt. 

Please go see and visit Shane over here 

Everything Shane does is so inspiring and lots of fun to make you happy. 

Not Much In Productivity. Lots Of Learning Longarm Backing

Truly not a real productive time with the longarm however it was a wonderfully educational time.  Many different things went on and I will bullet and share some education with you all. My hope is this all will help some of you avoid some of the frustration I had.  

This was my first time with using 108” backing fabric and not knowing of the learning curve I was dealing with.  Load unload load unload I was so very sure that it was square all these times. Frustration 4 letter words flying away.  Ok need to walk away.. What a great place to end up walking away to feel better. 
I went to the Quilt Farm ( ) Great magical NICE  place right close to my place. Where along my drive I get to stop and enjoy beautiful places such as this water fall and there is many more beautiful places along the way too.

Where upon arrival I did have an advanced heads up that the Canada crew was enjoying the fall retreat week together there. The leader of that gang Chris Foster who now has a blog I highly encourage you to go visit her and see her many way above me gifted talented well educated greatness she blesses us all with in the quilting world.( )  
So now that you have all that great information that I am sure you all will visit the sites and let me know when you are taking a trip up to the farm and we all can go for lunch or something while you visit.  Here are some bullet points.

1>    Backing that is 108” is best when Tore off the bolt rather than cut. This keeps it much straighter.
2>    Ironing all this stuff is insanely hard when your iron breaks and does not get hot enough. Perhaps a new iron is in order.
3>    My idea of racking 2 quilt tops with different thread color requirement’s is way out there and I just tossed that idea out. ( as well as the way both tops fit would not be the way I was quilting the one… a few inches too little.  ) ERRRRRR

4>    The best things to do is walk away breath and go play with another project and come back refreshed and just do it again. WOW THE BACKING IS LOADED CORRECTLY. SMILES

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sleepless 3:30 AM Before Work Sewing & Embroidery

Long little story to a small fast project I made.

Yesterday at work it was a really rough day. I am so not myself and I am really out of balance feeling not very grounded. I am  just trying to get through each day with nothing twisting my  day to something irrationally out of control for no reason.  Well lets see I lost my water bottle and I had been in about 5 or 6 different offices no way was I doing the back track so I left it for gone. The issue was I forgot money ( I seem to forget lots in the recovery process ) and could not get another  water. This is small tiny thing in the day that was half over of me. Minus I am not myself and this sucked and really almost through me over the edge.  Went to check something back in a place I already did a job and how great a COOL GREAT CO WORKERS had my water bottle and I was saved and felt so much better....  SMILES..  

So I made this little Fob water bottle holder and added my name so I won't get separated again from my water bottle at work. 

Not Sleeping much at all. and 3:30 AM does not make me the must with it detailed person. So I had this hoodie from work and I some UT designs ready to go so here we go. 

I am not impressed with how this turned out I did somethings different stabilizing ana I am  just not happy with results and it landed very off center sideways off a bit kinda fits how I feel..... hahahaha

Finally The Design Room Is Starting To Take Form.

Please bare with me and enjoy The sewing / quilting that is my only safe place for now. I ask that you all just enjoy and bar with me as the posts will be coming and be very often and have lots of fun stuff to offer. However they may seem out of order and not in any 1 direction. My surgery has me in full blown wild insane surgical menopause. My thoughts and attention is way out of wack. My sleeping is so strange there are times a rotary cutters becomes way to much of a danger to use.  Also I am emotionally just an irrationally non understandably stranger to my own self.  OK ENOUGH OF THAT BABBLE>>>>>

Its been a long time coming looking back at the old posts when I began the new sewing room I left the design stuff in the original room and this will make a lot of extra room for some great art working quilt things to come down the line. 

Here is the start as I found My 5' x 4' Table Ironing Board

My Cutting area Works largely on the ironing table however its all organized for the detailed stuff over here. 

The soon up and coming serger area that will have some quilting on the one going on and some silly fun clothing reconstructions on the other one. 

As you all can see still need the cleaning part to take place however that takes massive amounts of will power and just do it energy that is not happening right now......  I am excited that bit by bit its coming a long and working out almost better than I thought as I feel the flow of it now.....  The sewing room is ion the other room only a few feet away. this set up should be working out wonderfully. I think its harder to figure out how to be so creative with the lack of space when we all seem to have 100 lbs of stash and tools jammed into an area that fits maybe 10 lbs of all that...... SMILES

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lets Just Play & Embroider Some New Things

Ok I spent sometime just playing around and learning some new hooping techniques. With the said I will share a few finished projects with some small details and if you want to know more just comment and I will get back with you.

This is a baseball cap 

I did this using just a regular 120 x 120 hoop  double tearaway stabilizer. 

Here Is  Some Sweatshirts I did Up For Gifts. 

I really think I could be getting addicted to these. I need a lot of explanation to figure out to hoop this up and and than it turns out very easy. 

 This was for my Friend & Neighbor who has been awesome amazing. 
(hidden requested meaning for fun)  
 This was a very special shirt made for a beautiful loving person although I rushed to get it done right before our dinner date. I was 13 mins late. Shirt was a great hit and made up for the wait time. I will do better next time and start a day ahead a least.
 This is a great beauty made for the Lovely Sherry.  She was beyond happy with finding it with a not by the toaster. 

So there you have some of the new addiction shirts that i have been working away on. They are a big hit as the gifts I have been giving away. I will be making more here and there. If you see something I might be able to make one up for you.... The prices are a bit high though so keep this is mind.  I don't sell most of the things I make these shirts I might be talked into. 

Just a silly bonus pic of an old shirt I played with.

This one is an extra just to bling out something for myself. (hence not ironed )
 Its my shirt. hahaha

Friday, October 11, 2013

Here Is A Small Teaser

To assure you that there is Truthfully more and much more to come here is some teaser sneak peak pics.

This is on the Topaz right now with lots more to come. 

Lots of Embroidery is happening on the Ruby  Having lots of fun and some videos on this coming too. 

See the Crane on the back of my vest I did? 
This is the center idea of even another quilt that I am working on at the same time!

Long Time to Away. Lets Get Back To Sewing & Quilting

I have been away for a bit of time. Had some Medical issues come up and needed to get them taken care of with some surgery. Recovery sucked I couldn't really sew or do much of anything!  All is good now and I really need to stop being so self absorbed with that part of the last couple months and move forward.

Enough about that now lets talk about the good start as I get my self grounded and back to the real medicine of life  Sewing and QUILTING!  While I had over a month off from the world I did mange to sew slowly 1 strip or 2 a day and came up with this.  ( I love This and I am looking forward to finishing it up soon.) 

This will be for me!!!! Yes For Me! My Recovery Quilt. 

On another Note 

CHICKEN NEWS AND MORE>>>> My lovely chickens Zelda, Hildigar, and Jenny all have a great home with a wonderful Amish family.   ( Surgery recovery rules where I could only lift 5 lbs or less for over a months time so I could not care for them to my standers ) 
Hang tight and bare with me I am giving my self the winter to fully recover into the physical bad ass I was before the surgery and I will be getting new chickens. 

Videos will be coming up too Lots of great new ideas coming really soon!!!!