Monday, November 25, 2013

A Day To Rebuild Both Within & The Sewing Room

Needed a recharge and some new grounded energy. To achieve that I went here took deep breaths and just listened to the beautiful waves. 

When I got back home I decided to just get a feel  ( jumping the gun the room is not ready yet). Lets try a few setups to see how the new sewing area will feel. 

Wow yes I am loving the feel and flow and look at all the room for the long arm to fit too. You can not see the huge work bench cutting table and the space on the other side.  We will be able to fit 5 people comfy happy in here for sure. SMILES!

Room is not ready but who can resist lets get a sewing friend and test the feel while sewing. 


Side By Side 
I work on a new shirt for My Mom (She loved the other one so much) 
Barb works on some really cool dolls ( they will be soon up for sale too ) 
This set is very productive and its not even set up at all yet...... Our projects are getting done and we are flowing and enjoying the greatness of a day and evening sewing together hanging out. We even had a pizza party with a couple yarn crafting friends in the great new room.


Barbs cool dolls they just need to be stuffed. 

 My 2nd cat shirt for my mom since she loved the first so much. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Monster Snap Hoop Making A Great New Sweatshirt.

New Shirt For My Cat Loving Mom!

The Snap Monster Hoop is great and I did not use any basting stitch and I just went for it. It was fast and right on to hoop too. 

Happy Mom With Her New Shirt

Making Up For A Broken Mom Heart & Becoming A Better Sewer

Ok I will keep this short but it will be cool and touching story.  We digress way back to when I was around 4 or 5. My mom try to get my a doll to play with. I wanted a screw drive to fix things or a hammer to play with. This broke her heart truly busted her up.   She loved dolls and I was a little girl and should of loved dolls too. All I wanted was dirt bikes and she did not like those. 

Well here you see me almost 35-40 years later. Yes My first Doll. 

Yes I am in my 40's 

Every blog I read and every long time sewer started out as a kid playing with dolls and making doll clothes. So I though I would turn back time and go back to the basics and try and learn from making some 18" doll cloths

She still needs a name? I want something Bad-ass. She is in her Urban threads shirt I messed up however I learned and that is what its about. 

She is now wearing her spider shirt  this worked with new needle however I need to test some different stabilizer.  Still no name... hmmmm.....?????

I was using the wrong needle for the stretch of the material and it gotten eaten up. 


I ran out got her one. Soon to make some new clothes for her as I learn. 

 My mom is the most excited about me having a doll. I am going to guess I will have to bring my doll and her and hers together and we can all have a tea party. She would love that.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Great New Shirt & Review of The Snap Hoop Monster

Ok here is the wild power on power off machine working machine not working Back to power and working great review of the Snap Hoop monster. 

The magnet frame is very strong and would most likely hold however I decided to add a basting stitch just in case. 

I got This far on My great cool new Tee shirt and seems the hoop is working well. Opps the high winds kicked the power out about 8:00 PM and you would think that was the end. Not just yet. 

Yippie Power is back on!!! It is Now 2:00 AM in the morning. and I am awake now and trying to save my shirt in the making. No issues with the machine finding the hoop or staying in the same place after configuration. Yes Its working great. 

My Awesome Cool New Artistic shirt ready to wear now. 

This is my great shirt and me at 6:00 ready to go off to work now.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fun Pillow Just Because Pillows Are Addicting To Make

I could not sleep after waking up at 3:30 am yet again. I had energy to think and work a bit this day. I decided to get a move on and make a fun pillow that will go in the living room. This is a step by step of it in the making. This will go nicely when I quilt up the red and black quilt top I made awhile back.

Step 1. Go through the stash find something fun to use.

Step 2. I made the pillow form from some great fabric perfect for this.

Step 3.  I made the pillow envelope style Finished!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Long Arm Fun and Frustration

Still a good time sewing away even with the frustrations of a day where the stars are not aligned for it.

This took forever with every silly excuse under the sun to get this quilt quilted.  Well here it is on the Long arm and what insanity of this and that all going wrong over and over. It is not finished as now I am having new issue of thread breakage. I will win this battle and this quilt will get finished.  Its nice that my Pup Angel is by my side too. 
sleeps by me everywhere.

Me Quilting Away 
through the issues & problems.
Yes I cut my hair again and yes it is Pink too. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Bathmat Playing With Serger

My Bathroom Got New Walls So Needed A New Bathmat

So I grabbed up a few towels to match my color ideas and Cut them up into the square sizes I wanted.

Using the serger I pieced them together using inside seems and adding solid piece for back of the mat

Not 110% happy and I will be making another one. however for now I am pleased enough to show it off and enjoy using it.