Monday, March 31, 2014

A Great Weekend! Fun Doll! New Friends!

When You Mix a Couple of Americans with a Bunch of Great Canadians 


Here you find all of us at

The Dolls Made By The Wild Class 

This is mine she is just delightfully crazy 

This is her chilling at the house after class with the Mug Rug 

from the class we took in the morning.

Here is Cat's Wonderful Cool Doll and her Mug Rug  

 Both mine and Cats love hanging together getting into Mischief! 

Also the Candian group stayed and had a wonderful retreat at The Turtle Rock Retreat

Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day Urban Threads Shamrock Shirts.

St Patrick's day is a bit special for my mom and she really gets into it.  So I made her a special shirt with this awesome great shamrock design from

My friend came over and loved the design for my mom so much she brought a shirt over and we added the same cool design on it. 

Play Time Sewing Therapy Weekend Chilling Moments.

A Tree Kit & Pattern I picked up at a quilt show sometime last year.
 Had a fun Time Enjoyed this. 

I have  a lot silly scraps from mending cloths , making quilts, and just random extra scraps. I also have a million extra semi filled bobbins that I do not want to waste. I use them all up along with some extra foundation fabric and make these. Someday they will all be added up into a large quilt for up and at or somewhere. 

 Just playing and tweaking out an urban threads design.  

Such a cute little thing 

Just Wing It Ipad Cover For Fun and Protection

Just playing I came up with this trifold layout.

 Making great Customizing use of a fat quarter from the stash! 

Here is the contrast of the inside and outside. Just like myself very derisive!