Friday, October 11, 2013

Here Is A Small Teaser

To assure you that there is Truthfully more and much more to come here is some teaser sneak peak pics.

This is on the Topaz right now with lots more to come. 

Lots of Embroidery is happening on the Ruby  Having lots of fun and some videos on this coming too. 

See the Crane on the back of my vest I did? 
This is the center idea of even another quilt that I am working on at the same time!

Long Time to Away. Lets Get Back To Sewing & Quilting

I have been away for a bit of time. Had some Medical issues come up and needed to get them taken care of with some surgery. Recovery sucked I couldn't really sew or do much of anything!  All is good now and I really need to stop being so self absorbed with that part of the last couple months and move forward.

Enough about that now lets talk about the good start as I get my self grounded and back to the real medicine of life  Sewing and QUILTING!  While I had over a month off from the world I did mange to sew slowly 1 strip or 2 a day and came up with this.  ( I love This and I am looking forward to finishing it up soon.) 

This will be for me!!!! Yes For Me! My Recovery Quilt. 

On another Note 

CHICKEN NEWS AND MORE>>>> My lovely chickens Zelda, Hildigar, and Jenny all have a great home with a wonderful Amish family.   ( Surgery recovery rules where I could only lift 5 lbs or less for over a months time so I could not care for them to my standers ) 
Hang tight and bare with me I am giving my self the winter to fully recover into the physical bad ass I was before the surgery and I will be getting new chickens. 

Videos will be coming up too Lots of great new ideas coming really soon!!!!