Friday, July 11, 2014

Some Nature Inspiration & Relaxing Fun

Peacefully through the ridge

Enjoying sometime in nature and all the beautiful loveling gifts it has to offer us all. I do this as often as I can thus I can rechrge my soul and enjoy my new inspiring beauty that is natures shared art. 

 The open field hill the end of the hike took me too 
 Such A Beautiful Tree 

 Enjoying a wonderful walk down to the beach.

 Glistening Sun to the left
 Almost a full moon to the right
 A really cool interesting rock find 
 A lovely sunset 
 Breathtaking view that is gifted by nature

I Am Just Tickeld Fun Happy 3rd Place.

How fun is this my first real art design quilt took 3rd place at the

 SouthTown Peacemakers Quilt Guild Picnic. 

This was a challenge to put your favorite saying into fabric. Rules stated do anything you want with 40" or less space and than it must be quilted with 3 layers top batting and backing. 
My favorite saying is my original and it is also published in a book I wrote too. 

My plan now is to work on a few additional things to this quilt and add too it and than go other places with it too.  I love this it was made with ever heart loving emotions. this is tattooed and this saying is very super personal. I live my life daily by this.