Thursday, July 11, 2013

Share A Moment With Art Quilter Jennifer Myka

I have so much to learn yet and this is the first of so many more and each one will render its own improvements to come. I want to thank so deeply much with all my gratitude Jennifer Myka for being the first and not the last of getting this kicked off with my new great idea to keep us all motivated and fresh with ideas. Sharing together!

Please comment on anything and everything you want. to help this become the community we all want to enjoy. 

WINNER!!!! 5 Fat Quarters To Nifty Stitcher / Soon interviews coming on daily quilters

Ok Lets start out with a big thank you to get this started here. Things will be random yet weekly and Bi weekly  moments of greatness.  Things are shaping up and getting cooler around here. Oh what wow ok I will just skip all that and get to the good stuff here.!!!

Random Pull Gave Nifty Stitcher the Winning Luck
( I could Not find any other Name ) 
She Just Won the 
5 Fat Quarters!
please contact me with your mailing address to send them out to you!!!

If any of you know here spread the word out to her she is the winner. of the 1st not only but 1st Give Away.

Lots coming up keep watching and keep sharing !!

Monday, July 8, 2013

1st Test Video Just To See How This Will Work & Chicken Fun

Hope all had a very nice weekend. As for mine I had a good get some more done and keep moving forward. I am working more on the design room and getting the rest done to really get some cool stuff coming up.  Give away coming soon. I needed to take a break and I did a small test video with a project I was working on from an old class I took. 

I needed to chill and stop organizing and just do for a bit and as I was sewing on the topaz and making the video I was also doing an embroidery for a gift for someone that does come here to this blog so I cannot show YET the competition but here is a peak. 

Along with the video I took some time off and played with some family and my Chickens had a blast with the kids. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

The 1st Small Free Give Away Here! Easy to Join

OK here we go let’s Give Away 5 nice mystery Fat Quarters to one random person. 
 Pretty easy to Get Entry counted. 

Going to be doing a lot more coming up in the next few months.
Some new things really might be cool for you to hang in there and see so help get the blog and you tube sight out and about to more to share with us. 

Subscribe to both this blog and leave a comment about some average or outrageous things you want to see in the short fun new sewing/quilting video's coming up. 

 Get a 2nd entry by subscribing to the new YouTube channel. Leave a comment anything say hello under this video.

Get extra entries by sharing with a friend or friends for more entries and have that friend  subscribe and share your id as the way they found this blog and video. 

I will pull a random Winner On Video and post it up for the 2nd Video I will post soon. If you have subscribed you will know when.

 Keep Checking.  

This will get everything rolling. 

Monday, July 1, 2013


I have had this room in the house the kind of room that was my sign shop and than grew into the catch all of what you do not want any where but think you might want to keep.... room.  I have thrown out to the curb and garbage almost 4 cans worth of trash I do not want everything I put out to the curb someone has come and grabbed a good for them deal for free. The other greatness of this is I sold some big ticket things in here and made more than I spent with extra and that all is sewing cash flow and catch a bill or two. what a great plus. that made it like I got paid for cleaning my own space up.! SMILES! This adventure was overwhelming at first now feels so good for sure. Well here are 2 very really scarey pictures of the before part. you have been warned!

WIth alot of great support and inspiration from the quilters on the quilting board and a few really great quilting friends who routed me on via texting and ideas and posative influence sharing. I managed to get this far durring the weekend with a reward trip to the quilt farm in boston, ny  and grabbed up a nice stash to make both a quilt for a friend and a great wall hanging for my new room. 

 This top pic is the sign shop stuff I decided to keep and set up and I will be making some great sewing decals and other stuff. the down side I lost half the room to thia. The upside I can use it now and you will be seeing some cool new decals to dree up your cars rooms and anything smmoth with great sewing stickers and decals. Coming soon.
This side is not all worked out however its got some sewing machines here and I am almost ready to get creative. When I got the space emptied and so much vacuming I reliezed the room was not big enough for my design area and all. so that I am working now. and hopeful will have done by this week and be all set to sew adn create in such a beafutiful new space.  There is still a lot to do however the major bulk of it all is done. now to just organize!