Thursday, June 27, 2013

Coop Update and Some Small Sewing

I have been running around yet at the same time my motivation has been low in the energy department.  However I got off my butt long enough to get a few things done here and there. The chicken Run is all finished feneced on top to keep the hawks out and all conneted in 2 runs into one with shaded area and sunny area too. The roof is now on the Coop. I am not by any means a roofer but I manged to get this up and complted leak free.

Also I need to add some small sewing A few fun bracelets in here just to work it up to get my motivation going as I believe I have a perfect space and will be making a new sewing room where the whole room will be all my sewing. This will be a lot of work however I believe it will be a nice area when I am finished.  Fingers crossed I get moving to make this happen.  

Monday, June 24, 2013

My New Setup and an Invite To Anyone To sew In The Woods.

To my amazement my friend Sherry ( who feels 1 sewing machine all anyone who likes to sew ever needs (she doesn't like sewing) sent me a pic from a garage sale with a table , chair and a small mechinacal singer in perfect condtion. I went over looked it over and there was also a mother load of Viking 116/118 feet and parts inside the chair. That was a great find as I also have this model at home too. I grabbed it all up for $35 and than a few of us went up to my camp. I set it all up everything worked like a dream. I Enjoyed a weekend with a small break in the shade sewing away nothing of real value just some scrap fabric that a friends grabbed up for me to make up some dog beds. What a lovely weekend filled with nature friends food and great sewing fun.  I would like to extend the invite to my sewing friends to come up and plug in and sew outside for a weekend up at my camp.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Duck Quilt Gifted & Back To Work On The Coop

What a joy and great time I had Making the Duck Quilt! A lot of love pasion and learning went into this and well worth the effort. Just in time; the baby shower was at 2:00 and the binding and my first label got finished at 1:30 Saturday.  It has been gifted off and I am back on to finishing the new chicken coop and using a lot of pallet word I cut & stripped off for free.  This is not turning out to be as elaborate as I wanted however we have decided we will prob. Going permanent with a shed later and when I started this that was not an option at all in our discussions.  So I will continue this and finish up and the girls will still have a very lovely space to hang and nest in until we really get the rest figured out as we go along.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Quilted Ducks Hit The City Streets Before They Get Binding On

A special thanks to Kathleen for taking some fun time to play and take this photo of the ducks playing in some graffiti covered alley's in the city of Buffalo.

The ducks are finished up and all quilted I will add the Binding tonight and Saturday they will be gifted off to some great friends that will soon have the 1st born to enjoy it.

I loved Creating This.

Monday, June 10, 2013

UFO Finishing, First Sew In, Free Range Chicken Fun.

Ok the pressure is on and I need to take the plunge here.  The Ducks are finally basted and I will be finishing them up before this Saturday. This may seem like a straight forward easy job to finish. The issue is that this is my grandest quilt and I am feeling a bit leery of touching it in fear of  messing it. I know just do it. that is the plan.  Its basted and I have the machine all set up and I have no excuses now I just need to do it!.

On Saturday I did some work in the house and finally got the couch out that was really just something I did not care for any more. In light of that I through up an 8 ft table and a few machines and had a couple friends come over and we had a blast for our first sew in at the house. there was plenty of room and Sherry joined us with her crocheting. Creativeness and good chatting away was a wonderful time I plan to repeat as often as time allows. 

Than I took a break inside and went out to clean up a bunch in the yard and fire pit too. Since I was out almost all day I let the girls out to free range and play and get into everything they could find. they had a blast and loved it.  It was fun to watch them chase each other around when one got a great bug prize. They will not be out free much only if we all are out there its just too dangerous with all the hawks and other predators around us. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Part 2 Of More Sulky Class Post here & There To Come Home and Emotional High Physically Drained

I will be adding more posts here and there as I go along at this time I am home from the best 3 days in my sewing yet. Had a super blast in Ohio sewing away and meeting awesome new sewing friends. 
These posts are broken up due to the fact I was a walking zombie when I got home and this is the mess I left myself to clean up and reset up my room. Plus work had to take place to bring me back into the reality of daily life. I promise to be posting more and more as I go along! This pic will show I need some clean up organizing time first. 

I have to add a fun sewing pic from the week so here is one of 10 projects we did it was just on the top so easy access to grab take pic and post up. I think I impressed myself as well as loved this project.  Any feedback good bad or indifferent to help my improvement muchly accepted.

Part 1 Of A Few To Come On My Sulky Certification Class

For those that do not know I just got back from the Sulky Teachers Certification 3 day sewing classes! 
I can stress or jump up and down enough to share what a great time I had! This was amazing great learned a lot did many fun projects and I will add more however for now I am just going to thank some amazing great people!  There was everyone there that made it all work. here is a few pics of some of the key players. 

You have here (names have been change to protect the innocent ( ok no one was innocent they sewed away until the dusk hrs starting in the wheee early hrs. )  
Top left is Space Dog Chick In the Middle is Great Grass The right is Worker Dog and Owner and then me jumping into the bottom left corner, 

There was really no time to take pics it was put the peddle to the floor and sew sew sew and more. here is another though. again names changed... 
Left you have Bodyguard mom Center is my goofy mugshot and the we have Space dog to the right.