Monday, June 17, 2013

Duck Quilt Gifted & Back To Work On The Coop

What a joy and great time I had Making the Duck Quilt! A lot of love pasion and learning went into this and well worth the effort. Just in time; the baby shower was at 2:00 and the binding and my first label got finished at 1:30 Saturday.  It has been gifted off and I am back on to finishing the new chicken coop and using a lot of pallet word I cut & stripped off for free.  This is not turning out to be as elaborate as I wanted however we have decided we will prob. Going permanent with a shed later and when I started this that was not an option at all in our discussions.  So I will continue this and finish up and the girls will still have a very lovely space to hang and nest in until we really get the rest figured out as we go along.