Thursday, February 20, 2014

Long Arm Moved Into The Shop & More

Long Arm has been put back together and leveled in the new sewing room 

My 2 passion side by side! 

This is the start of the transformation and added the carpet plastic to the garage door for a bit more insulation too.  

The after came out very nicely and warms the place up nicely. 

The Coop ( named by the Awesome Brenda )  Just need this small pile all cleaned and organized and than it will be Perfectly set to juts create and create Dream and Inspire!

A New Jacket & Fun Zipper Bag

I Love Love So Love doing up new fun Denim Jackets to wear out and about. I must say even with opps catch near the Dream part I Love this Jacket The most and I really impressed myself with this one. 

Just for Fun I was playing around and Made this neat zipper bag.

Just Some Fun Gift Things To Catch Up The Blog

Sherry took up Swimming Aerobics so I made her a matching terry cloth towel and bathmat. I love using my serger!

I added her personal letters to both too. 

My rocking friend and neighbor Loved something I was working on so I made her shirt in her favorite blue color! 

Not Sewing Crafty Solution though A yarg bag out of stuff around for Sherry

A Vacation With My Feather Weight! Quilt Addiction!

Here is a few pics of my set up at the hotel we stayed in.

ME! Enjoying Some sewing after a swim in the hotel pool and a moment in the hot tub. 

Love this Down Time  Nice Set Up