Thursday, November 29, 2012

The New Beginning of My Old Blog Lets Start Fresh

Hey all! I am going to re-welcoming you all to my blog that I have been going for over a year now. I am going to change the whole feel of Open Beauty now. I  just hit the delete button on the every so many old posts and decided to let go of the past healing and begin with a fresh start.  Sometimes the past just needs to be let go of and just begin again with a whole new fresh start so here it is.

I do live my life like this as well and just hit the delete button and start over reinvent and recreate from a new fresh open beautiful space while walking the path that is all apart of the wonderful adventure of life.

I am forever grateful for everything that has happened and led my life to where it is today and for real my life is in a place I would of never dreamed of. 

if you told me a few years ago I would be sewing away and have such a fun passion for it as well as meeting and hanging with sewing ladies and a couple guys and loving it. I would tell you you where ultra crazy and had no clue about who I am at all. 

HAHAHAHA well here I am sewing away and going to build up some sewing works here as well as lots more creativity to come. 
Lets share some creative growth through the beauty of art through any and all media. 
I am still the totally open full loving person I have always been and feel free to ask me anything just be ready for the open and honest in depth answers you will receive as my soul is naked and I will share anything with you I have nothing to hide. 
Everything I do in life is done through the love of my heart spirit and soul and therefor I am not ashamed of who I am or to share anything in my life.  


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