Tuesday, February 19, 2013

After a Few Attempts & Some Seam Ripping THE MUG RUGS

I have not been sewing that long and I am really a newbie at it all. This said I have the addiction like the pros and I am more than willing to try anything new and learn everything I can. I joined the Mug Rug swap.

I have not ever done Applique nor worked with such small pieces. This was probably the hardest still fun though sewing item I have done yet. I am excited with all I learned and I also messed up my iron badly with some excess steam a seam 2. Learned to not leave any over the edges. This was learning and it was very fun to watch it all come together piece by piece.  I will be looking for more applique in the future. 

These are made and packaged and sent off to my secret partner as of today! 


  1. I especially love the owls, but both are really sweet!

    1. Thank you very much. I really need some practice at binding. Found that very hard on these little pieces.


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