Friday, March 1, 2013

Thanks To Everyone Sewing More Beauty Into My Daily Life

I have no sewing pictures right now to post. Just some cool sharing’s of the long week that had no sewing.  Sometimes life just gets moving a bit fast and it is hard to find that moment of me time to do anything.  No complaints as I have some really great things to share in the sewing world around me from the week. 

Roz and Rochelle from Blasdell Viking Sewing did a great job Saturday as we sewed our hats and had a blast. Anything frustrating that went on was all ok as me laughed and made it through together enjoying the day shared. I loved it and everyone else did too.   I was so much in awe of the day I had a couple of very cool strangers (how could not be cool with a pink streak of hair. )  I met in the Joann’s store deliver a small just fun thank you from us all.  Dodging and hiding out to make it a full surprise without being seen was just covertly extra bonus fun.

The week progressed and I decided I do not like the new sewing room design at all and it must be changed so I have it all drawn out and was all ready to get home Thursday night and rip apart and redo it yet again to get me motivated and the sun downers lazy bones feelings knocked out of me and get my motivation back and running.  Well I stopped over to Eden Sewing Center to say hello to all the womyn at the open sew and also sign up for a fun looking class on Tuesday.  Well much to my surprise a great womyn there found an amazing skull cup with black zig zags and it was just perfect to make my night glow and shine.  She then made it even better by saying how just saw it and thought of me and my sewing portfolio bag and it fit.  While Carolyn and I spook and shared something’s too and these 2 events fit so well into the book I wrote. I rushed out to the truck and found a couple copies and gifted them off too.  I must say it was a super great night at the open sew even if I did not sew and needless to say who am I kidding to think I would leave early enough to get any of my room done before the need for bed time. All worth it and a great time was had.

The Long and short of this post is that a couple years ago a decided to clean up my emotional home inside me and give my spirit something new to grow with and learn.  Somehow in this time I made the quilt for my mom and this whole sewing fabric and quilting addiction hit hard and fell right into place with my new life changing growth spurt.  This said sewing has not only brightened up my creative world it has also brightened up my whole world great people and great learning.  My gratitude and honor to all that are sharing in this new part of my journey in life as I am nothing special I am only a reflection of all that is around me. This all is what makes me love life so much. 


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