Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quilting Gifts Received In Mail & a New Quilt Started.

What a great awesomeness to add to any day to find something sewing/quilting related in the mail awaiting my arrival home after a long day. I received my wonderful beautiful Mug Rugs with some great extra goodies too;  from my swap partner last night. Here they are.

I also did some shopping at UrbanThreads.com and got the coolest rubber duck files 21 in all I think I will do 18 to 20 of them for a baby quilt I will be slowly carefully working on to get it just perfect for my buddy that will soon have his 1st baby sometime late summer.  The first Duck took me 2.5 plus hrs to stitch out and 32,988 stitches total. 

I will keep this updated as I get more done here and there. I am so excited about this soon be rocking quilt. I was agonizing over the pattern ideas and what to do. A special thanks to Roz and Rochelle for all the help to make sure I had the knowledge to not screw this up! SMILES!

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