Friday, May 24, 2013

Cold Wet Spring Morning & Some Recycling.

I am not sure what silly non chicken people around are thinking but these 3 girls are a part of my family and yes that comes with extra loving care. I watch them like a mother hen and worry about the elements and such around them. This morning it dropped to a very wet damp 35 degrees outside after being over 80 degrees that last couple days. I got up and rushed before work to make them some warm oatmeal before I went off to work and I am hopping they liked it.They seemed all happy and cheery this morning. No sign the colder weather bugged them at all. I think it is just me and the new mother syndrome. My friends think I am just crazy nuts and that my girls are just chickens. I guess they just do not get it.

On a another note I have been saving up some pallets and collecting them to strip them out for the free wood value and recycle them into many different things. just last night I stripped this small pile here.  I was rewarded with a whole can full of scraps to burn at my camp site and a nice haul of lumber to be used for the projects I want to make and complete.  Below is the lumber stack.

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