Thursday, July 11, 2013

WINNER!!!! 5 Fat Quarters To Nifty Stitcher / Soon interviews coming on daily quilters

Ok Lets start out with a big thank you to get this started here. Things will be random yet weekly and Bi weekly  moments of greatness.  Things are shaping up and getting cooler around here. Oh what wow ok I will just skip all that and get to the good stuff here.!!!

Random Pull Gave Nifty Stitcher the Winning Luck
( I could Not find any other Name ) 
She Just Won the 
5 Fat Quarters!
please contact me with your mailing address to send them out to you!!!

If any of you know here spread the word out to her she is the winner. of the 1st not only but 1st Give Away.

Lots coming up keep watching and keep sharing !!


  1. Well rats, missed this giveaway. Maybe next time. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Will be sticking around to see what other goodies I find here.

    1. I will be doing more just beacaue I have a lot of fun doing it too.


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