Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lets Just Play & Embroider Some New Things

Ok I spent sometime just playing around and learning some new hooping techniques. With the said I will share a few finished projects with some small details and if you want to know more just comment and I will get back with you.

This is a baseball cap 

I did this using just a regular 120 x 120 hoop  double tearaway stabilizer. 

Here Is  Some Sweatshirts I did Up For Gifts. 

I really think I could be getting addicted to these. I need a lot of explanation to figure out to hoop this up and and than it turns out very easy. 

 This was for my Friend & Neighbor who has been awesome amazing. 
(hidden requested meaning for fun)  
 This was a very special shirt made for a beautiful loving person although I rushed to get it done right before our dinner date. I was 13 mins late. Shirt was a great hit and made up for the wait time. I will do better next time and start a day ahead a least.
 This is a great beauty made for the Lovely Sherry.  She was beyond happy with finding it with a not by the toaster. 

So there you have some of the new addiction shirts that i have been working away on. They are a big hit as the gifts I have been giving away. I will be making more here and there. If you see something I might be able to make one up for you.... The prices are a bit high though so keep this is mind.  I don't sell most of the things I make these shirts I might be talked into. 

Just a silly bonus pic of an old shirt I played with.

This one is an extra just to bling out something for myself. (hence not ironed )
 Its my shirt. hahaha

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