Friday, October 11, 2013

Long Time to Away. Lets Get Back To Sewing & Quilting

I have been away for a bit of time. Had some Medical issues come up and needed to get them taken care of with some surgery. Recovery sucked I couldn't really sew or do much of anything!  All is good now and I really need to stop being so self absorbed with that part of the last couple months and move forward.

Enough about that now lets talk about the good start as I get my self grounded and back to the real medicine of life  Sewing and QUILTING!  While I had over a month off from the world I did mange to sew slowly 1 strip or 2 a day and came up with this.  ( I love This and I am looking forward to finishing it up soon.) 

This will be for me!!!! Yes For Me! My Recovery Quilt. 

On another Note 

CHICKEN NEWS AND MORE>>>> My lovely chickens Zelda, Hildigar, and Jenny all have a great home with a wonderful Amish family.   ( Surgery recovery rules where I could only lift 5 lbs or less for over a months time so I could not care for them to my standers ) 
Hang tight and bare with me I am giving my self the winter to fully recover into the physical bad ass I was before the surgery and I will be getting new chickens. 

Videos will be coming up too Lots of great new ideas coming really soon!!!! 

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