Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The New Jungle Baby Quilt Coming

I really need to get moving a long it seems I am just all UFO's / WIP's lately...  Well Here is the newest one to share with you all. I hope to have this finished for a donation run really soon. 

As I started to sew this group of fabric together I was so not sure how I would like it. I was thinking no way this is going to be a muddy mess. 

However as it came all together I started feeling a jungle theme and baby quilt in the making. 

So off to the store I went yesterday and I grabbed up some giraffe print fabric. I also took this picture and got it enlarged to about 24 by 28 I think and will make this into an applique for the middle. 

I am thinking this is going to be just fun. 


  1. I am thinking your right. This is going to be adorable!

    1. Oh yes Judy Thank You so much the encouragement. Just posted the update its really looking fun.


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