Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Got My Perfect Rolled Hem Down. Time To Fashion Play.

Those that know me well know even after I donated my kidney and was in the hospital the first thing I asked for and put on was my Bandanna.  I am always wearing them and always looking for new ones that match shirts jackets and such. Now the world of fabric is at my fingertips to make any style I want! That’s what makes this project a big deal to me.

 Well here is my finally got it perfect 3 thread rolled hem set to 1.5 for me to make my own bandanna’s! on my huskylock s25

Here is the finished product sorry for my mug shot however I couldn't figure out how else to show the completed project. and pic was taken at 6:30 am and I am not the best morning person. Had to get moving for work!

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