Friday, February 1, 2013

Just Touching Base I Am Redoing My Sewing Room

TGIF No pictures today. I just wanted to come in and touch base and let everyone know that I am redoing my sewing room for the hundredth time. I am hoping that this will be it for now until I get the other room ready for the whole sewing room. to have its own place.  I will have some pictures coming this weekend! I am so looking forward to the Weekend and just time to chill  organize some of the room and just sew away some projects!!!!!

I hope to look like this all weekend long!!!!!!!! 


  1. Hi...thanks for stopping by my blog and the bird feeder post. I also wanted to stop by here, because I wasn't sure if you knew that your blog comments are set to "No Reply". This means there isn't an email address attached to your blog account and there isn't a way for anyone to respond back to your comment. If you ever want to change that, there is a tutorial on my right side bar labeled "Are you a no reply".
    Thanks again for commenting on my blog and have a great day,

    1. Thank You So Very Much! Karen you taking the time is very helpful and kind. I am out and about I got distracted by finding a new quilt shop I am now fixing this and believe I have the No reply fixed after looking at your site. I am going to lurk around and leave you a comment then I will see if this works.


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