Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sewing Room and Some More To Share.

Not As Productive As I Had Hope For The Weekend.
Well everything and anything odd has went on to keep me out and about and not sewing away in peace here at home.

I did get the sewing room at least up and running and able to sew in. Here as promised is not the best pic however a pic of the new set up. I am hoping I like it and it flows nicely.

I did get a bit of the Mug Rugs worked on and I will throw in a sneak peak.  I am finding this is a bit more involved working with such small detailed pieces. I even resorted to using a pin or two. (I am not a big pinner dont really like pins! LOL) 

 A call to get an old lady out of a ditch from Sherry. This was too much for me to handle and we called the tow truck and it took an hr or so. 

So there it is and a few other things went on like my mom needed a news paper since she did not receive one from the paper people today so I went out to get her one and that led to shared lunch with and no time with mom is ever wasted time. Time with mom is always a blessing I am gratefully blessed to share with her. 

A friend stopped over and than that turned into no more sewing and turn everything off and now I am here with you all. Life works out the way it should and I am gratefully blessed with all the beauty that is around me weather I am sewing or not sewing. 

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