Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Ducks Are Progressing & Sharing My 2nd Passion When Not Sewing

It is really getting close to that time of year when the weather breaks into nice warmer sun filled days and that's when my focus begins to really change into my 2nd passion.  I love Riding Motorcycles. Dirtbikes being my first love however after donating my kidney a few years ago I gave that up and now I just ride street bikes.  I took sometime to get out for a brief moment and catch some weather I really need to get her into the shop and all ran through to get ready for a great beautiful season of riding many miles into the sun and under the stars this summer.

Me & My Favorite Bike 

After some ride time it was back to work on the Ducks. SMILES!  I am not using a pattern and just doing my thing after I stitched out all the ducks from Urban Threads I am  learning as I go and seam ripping and redoing to get my blocks to line up as good as they will and here is the progression of them thus far. I am pleased and excited for more to come. 


  1. You're my kind of gal! I love Urban Threads machine embroidery designs - I'm your newest follower! Mary Ann

    1. Thanks so Much! I have loved your blog for awhile and I have been watching your creative greatness for awhile. Welcome here Thanks for the support.

  2. Totally cute! Are the ducks all embroidery?
    I like their attitudes!!

    Nice idea to work out in the sun, too!


    1. Thank you! Yes all machine embroidery about 25 hrs worth and anytime I can figure out how to get outside and play I do. I will have some cool pics of summer sewing coming up in a couple months.


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