Monday, April 22, 2013

Duck Top Finished & Some Crazy Long Arm Driving

I am excited there are some mistakes this was a bit harder than I thought to try and line up all the rows. I did some seam ripping and all however I am proud and THANKS TO URBAN THREADS for the great ducks  that I embroidered for this quilt top to be born.  Now to think about the next steps in making it happen into a finished quilt for my friend.

On another note here is some of my practice on my new long arm  setup. As you can see from the pics it will surely be awhile before I put a quilt top on to finish. However I am having a blast practicing and playing. I have about 26 yards and lots of different threads to play with so I am all happy. 



  1. Can't wait for the time we can sit in the sun and design together. Love the ducks .. keep the idea's coming.

    1. we are always together in everything we do and create


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