Monday, May 20, 2013

Coop Progress is Slower Than I Would Of Liked Progress Made Though.

My girl looks over at me and says WOW your building that mansion for us! I will post a few progress pics below for you all to give me pointers, encouragement, or otherwise thoughts in the comments. 

Frame started 

Roof idea window and egg laying box is all rough idea in place 

I got the roof started. being a 1 womyn coop carpenter with no carpenter skill set I am learning as I go. I lost a fram wall and had to fix that and now everything seem really tightened up with the roof wood on. I am impressed I got this far and its really looking like a coop. I just thought it would be all enclosed and ready by now. I will get there soon enough. 


  1. Wow, a mansion indeed! Looks like it's going to be brilliant! x

    1. thanks you have faith for sure. I am hoping I can pull off the rest.


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