Thursday, May 16, 2013

Water Mellon Loving & A Little Progress Has Been Made

Well everything I have read all over the net says that chickens love water melon and this is a big truth with my girls  too. here they enjoy some watermelon while I got  a bit more progress made on the new coop on wheels. The floor base is on and it seems to work great and and still tow around nicely. 

I am looking very forward to getting this nicely finished and the girls will have some more room and then I can tow them around to different grass spaces in a longer nicer run. while I am sitting on the deck sewing away and enjoy the great fun of watching them. 


  1. I had wanted to build a tractor type of coop, but hubby had other ideas. We compromised and put together a pre-fab coop and put it in the dog run we don't use anymore so they can roam a bit.

    1. yes I wanted to do your idea however I promised to keep all the yard intact so I need to move them from time to time to keep the grass fresh. Please cross your fingers I hope this works. I posted a few new progress pics I am getting there slowly.


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