Monday, June 17, 2013

Duck Quilt Gifted & Back To Work On The Coop

What a joy and great time I had Making the Duck Quilt! A lot of love pasion and learning went into this and well worth the effort. Just in time; the baby shower was at 2:00 and the binding and my first label got finished at 1:30 Saturday.  It has been gifted off and I am back on to finishing the new chicken coop and using a lot of pallet word I cut & stripped off for free.  This is not turning out to be as elaborate as I wanted however we have decided we will prob. Going permanent with a shed later and when I started this that was not an option at all in our discussions.  So I will continue this and finish up and the girls will still have a very lovely space to hang and nest in until we really get the rest figured out as we go along.


  1. The quilt is lovely, as is your coop x

    1. Thank you so much........ the quilt came out better than expected the coop is going down hill in my dream idea however it will be very functionally good.

  2. Pallet wood for a coop! Awesome!!! :)

  3. Love your coop in the backyard. I had a chicken in my backyard and her name was Molly. I found her in my pine tree! I didn't know chickens could fly.She wasn't here long enough for a coop, but she lived in the bushes. She laid her first egg in the bushes and it was sure noisy. In the month she was here she ate 25 pounds of chicken scratch, inviting her bird friends to eat with her. Stay tuned for the next chapter of Molly the flying chicken!


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