Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sleepless 3:30 AM Before Work Sewing & Embroidery

Long little story to a small fast project I made.

Yesterday at work it was a really rough day. I am so not myself and I am really out of balance feeling not very grounded. I am  just trying to get through each day with nothing twisting my  day to something irrationally out of control for no reason.  Well lets see I lost my water bottle and I had been in about 5 or 6 different offices no way was I doing the back track so I left it for gone. The issue was I forgot money ( I seem to forget lots in the recovery process ) and could not get another  water. This is small tiny thing in the day that was half over of me. Minus I am not myself and this sucked and really almost through me over the edge.  Went to check something back in a place I already did a job and how great a COOL GREAT CO WORKERS had my water bottle and I was saved and felt so much better....  SMILES..  

So I made this little Fob water bottle holder and added my name so I won't get separated again from my water bottle at work. 

Not Sleeping much at all. and 3:30 AM does not make me the must with it detailed person. So I had this hoodie from work and I some UT designs ready to go so here we go. 

I am not impressed with how this turned out I did somethings different stabilizing ana I am  just not happy with results and it landed very off center sideways off a bit kinda fits how I feel..... hahahaha

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