Monday, October 21, 2013

Not Much In Productivity. Lots Of Learning Longarm Backing

Truly not a real productive time with the longarm however it was a wonderfully educational time.  Many different things went on and I will bullet and share some education with you all. My hope is this all will help some of you avoid some of the frustration I had.  

This was my first time with using 108” backing fabric and not knowing of the learning curve I was dealing with.  Load unload load unload I was so very sure that it was square all these times. Frustration 4 letter words flying away.  Ok need to walk away.. What a great place to end up walking away to feel better. 
I went to the Quilt Farm ( ) Great magical NICE  place right close to my place. Where along my drive I get to stop and enjoy beautiful places such as this water fall and there is many more beautiful places along the way too.

Where upon arrival I did have an advanced heads up that the Canada crew was enjoying the fall retreat week together there. The leader of that gang Chris Foster who now has a blog I highly encourage you to go visit her and see her many way above me gifted talented well educated greatness she blesses us all with in the quilting world.( )  
So now that you have all that great information that I am sure you all will visit the sites and let me know when you are taking a trip up to the farm and we all can go for lunch or something while you visit.  Here are some bullet points.

1>    Backing that is 108” is best when Tore off the bolt rather than cut. This keeps it much straighter.
2>    Ironing all this stuff is insanely hard when your iron breaks and does not get hot enough. Perhaps a new iron is in order.
3>    My idea of racking 2 quilt tops with different thread color requirement’s is way out there and I just tossed that idea out. ( as well as the way both tops fit would not be the way I was quilting the one… a few inches too little.  ) ERRRRRR

4>    The best things to do is walk away breath and go play with another project and come back refreshed and just do it again. WOW THE BACKING IS LOADED CORRECTLY. SMILES

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