Monday, November 18, 2013

Great New Shirt & Review of The Snap Hoop Monster

Ok here is the wild power on power off machine working machine not working Back to power and working great review of the Snap Hoop monster. 

The magnet frame is very strong and would most likely hold however I decided to add a basting stitch just in case. 

I got This far on My great cool new Tee shirt and seems the hoop is working well. Opps the high winds kicked the power out about 8:00 PM and you would think that was the end. Not just yet. 

Yippie Power is back on!!! It is Now 2:00 AM in the morning. and I am awake now and trying to save my shirt in the making. No issues with the machine finding the hoop or staying in the same place after configuration. Yes Its working great. 

My Awesome Cool New Artistic shirt ready to wear now. 

This is my great shirt and me at 6:00 ready to go off to work now.

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