Thursday, November 21, 2013

Making Up For A Broken Mom Heart & Becoming A Better Sewer

Ok I will keep this short but it will be cool and touching story.  We digress way back to when I was around 4 or 5. My mom try to get my a doll to play with. I wanted a screw drive to fix things or a hammer to play with. This broke her heart truly busted her up.   She loved dolls and I was a little girl and should of loved dolls too. All I wanted was dirt bikes and she did not like those. 

Well here you see me almost 35-40 years later. Yes My first Doll. 

Yes I am in my 40's 

Every blog I read and every long time sewer started out as a kid playing with dolls and making doll clothes. So I though I would turn back time and go back to the basics and try and learn from making some 18" doll cloths

She still needs a name? I want something Bad-ass. She is in her Urban threads shirt I messed up however I learned and that is what its about. 

She is now wearing her spider shirt  this worked with new needle however I need to test some different stabilizer.  Still no name... hmmmm.....?????

I was using the wrong needle for the stretch of the material and it gotten eaten up. 


I ran out got her one. Soon to make some new clothes for her as I learn. 

 My mom is the most excited about me having a doll. I am going to guess I will have to bring my doll and her and hers together and we can all have a tea party. She would love that.

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