Thursday, March 14, 2013

Learning To Sew Bears Can Turn Into Scare Bears

Ok here is the background that will flow into more story to come within the week to come ahead.

There is 3 events going on next week on Saturday the 23rd  that I am really wanting to enjoy. Here is the List.

#1 Community Days ( Making Comfort Teddy Bears to give to first responders.  Roz & Rochelle are such amazing people that have gotten me sewing ) This is at the  Blasdell Viking Sewing Gallery here in NY

#2 There is a great looking Quilt Show in Cleveland, OH

#3 There Is a cool Quilt Show in Pittsburgh, PA ( plus friends we all want to see )

So this is the plan
Take Friday off go to Cleveland Quilt Show

Saturday go to Pittsburgh Quilt Show it ends at 2 and than hang out with friends

Cat and I will make the bears before hand and make sure they get To Blasdell Viking Before next Friday. No way can I see myself missing that great event. Roz and Rochelle work hard and harder  to keep us going sewing and for such good causes.  That is why I buy my millions of sewing machines the service we get there.

So below here you will find my first prototype of the bears using my 5D Pro to play with the Face size and than sewing them together they looked great inside out. However looking at the finished product I am Scared. hahahaha I am guessing I did something wrong with seam allowance. 

I am not done and I am not throwing in the towel. I am thinking I having some engineering issues in the first steps of entering the world of stuffed teddy bears.  I will be working hard tonight to try again and see I can get a better closer bear rendering.  I will be Trying a new method like I did my Stockings and see how that works out for better shape.  Any Help You Want To Offer I would Love to hear from you all.

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