Monday, March 18, 2013

An Eventful and Productive Wonderfully Beautiful Weekend

Well now in the preparation of the weekend to come I spent all day Saturday Busting out some Bears for Community Days next Saturday March 23rd @ Blasdell Viking Sewing Gallery  since I will be @ the Pittsburgh Quilt Show that day and can not make it. I still wanted to make a contribution. I changed the engineering and added a heart  from the 1st 2 posted in another blog. I was the embroiderer, pattern cutter and stuffer. Sherry sewed them all up and Cat did the major surgery job of Hand sewing all the legs together.  What a great family team work project we all had fun sharing in.  Staying up way past our bed times.

Sunday we all got up early to spend the morning with my beautiful mom and shared her morning together as her youngest daughter turned another year older. ( THAT WOULD BE ME! ) We shared a great morning with lots of wonderful sewing surprise gifts that Rocking Great Roz set my sister up with for me. Sherry and Mom went off on a different adventure and Cat and I went off to our first Block of the month at Blasdell Viking Sewing Gallery. Rochelle did a great job showing and sharing the ways to make this great fun block. & than Roz showed up with some really yummy great cupcakes from a new place in East Aurora to add to the magic of the day.  I did not finish my Blocks as my brain was so tired and sleeping away I think plus we had a few seam ripping moments. I must say I am become a pro at seam ripping for sure. Below you will see a picture of one of Cat's finished blocks how awesome this block will look all finished in a quilt to come later. 

Than it was time to come home and before I crashed out early to catch up before Mondays soon to come work day I had to do one more thing just for me.  While getting things ready in the morning for the class I  ran into this funky deep red leaped print fabric in the wild bartered stash area fabric. I had to redo the non matching ugly leafy sheet table cover with the cool new stash find.  Now there is a very warm cool funky great look that brings that area all together warmly.  I am so really loving how this sewing area is coming together now.


  1. Oh the bears turned out so pretty and cute!!!
    What a wonderful project to participate in!! I love that you embroidered the face and heart!!

    Your sewing room looks like a haven to work in and "get lost in sewing" !

    happy birthday!! May your year ahead be filled with fun projects and full bobbins!!


    1. Thank you so wonderfully much! I am so happy as the more I am sewing the more its coming along nicely as I learn what works best where and the flow is great. I got gifted a bunch of new bobbins to fill up as well.
      Your page is such an inspiration to me too. thank you

  2. Sorry I coulf not make it in to see all the bears.



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