Friday, May 3, 2013

Recycled or Re-purposing Fabrics & Some Stash Busting Bag Fun

Sometimes being creative means to let go of the hype surrounding the commercialism part of the craft and bust out the old fashion way with whats laying around. 
The above is a design from a Lunchbox embroidery set I got. this was the first block of many to come that involve almost all recycling of fabrics. I love new beautiful fabrics and all however I love sewing  and experimenting  so much that using less expensive or free sources of fabrics is the way to go for somethings too.  The Denim background is from old jeans and the black body of the applique is from an old tee shirt and the pink skull dress is a very inexpensive fussy cut fun remnant piece.  I am planing more stuff like this too. 

Also there is a time that stash busting is a good thing too and I wanted to try some raw edge improvisational applique so I looked around and found a viking shopping bag cut the seams out and made it lay flat  (another recycle) ready  to use as my foundation and busted into an already opened  jelly roll and just went to town.  See Pic

I now have the top finished and the skull yellow fabric is something I have laying around in my stash that  I will be using for the liner. I maybe adding some embroiderer to this too and redoing the handles.  I will keep you all updated as it takes more form and shape. 

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