Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Upgrading A chicken Coup Plus Turning it Mobile & A Fast Wedding Quilt

Well now there has not been a lot of sewing as I am trying to make the Coup all ready to be nice and Mobile and make a new nice run to add as well. This will help in so many ways for maintenance cleaning and giving them the whole yard as I move them around.  So the first this I did was tile the floor and than hang the water bucket up.  a lot nicer look and easier to keep and to clean up. Here is an inside pic.

To keep my hens happy as well as myself I am so impressed at how I have recycled reclaimed and made a mobile  base that works and  I added new tires and new bearings for it too.  The hens needed to get to bed last night  so I will try and make it attached and working today after work.  Here is the test drive to see that it  hooks up to the mower and is working. 

I will work on the frame and getting the coup mounted to night. 

I can not post with out any sewing pics. here is another wedding quilt I I made last summer. After the chickens are all settled and made comfy I will be very happy to sew on the deck and watch the girls out in the yard. 

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