Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sorry For My Mix Mp In Comments. & A New Guild To Me.

Sorry for missed non replied comments

I seem to of been extremely ignorant in how the comments work and I will try and catch up on my mistake. If I have this figured out now some comments are replied through email and those are the ones I have missed and others are replied to under the posts here in my blog. I will be careful to try and not that and reply back via email when they are not here under the post. I thought I was going crazy.  I just figured this out on my own today so please give me some time to catch up and Please keep comments coming.

I believe I am going to join a Guild

Thanks to my Rocking friend Nadine I just went to her guild meeting last night with my sewing partner in crime; we had a great time met some great people too. the show and tell was super great and listening to some of the up coming plans they have coming to. I will be updating on this as it evolves.  Lots of great fun. Here is a link of an old newspaper article I found that has the guild info in it.  

I am always in need of posting a pic 

Here is some silly thread art play for a little bit as I still get use to the new long arm and my partner in crime has played some to. Its amazing how fast one looses time so fast driving around the machine in fun play.

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  1. I love your longarm sample! Awesome! :) I'm working up the nerve to rent time on a longarm at a local shop -- I have a ridiculously awesome quilt with big FMQ plans... but that can't be my first longarmed quilt - too scary! :)


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